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Products are widely used in steel pipe manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, high-speed rail, central air conditioning compressors and other mechanical and electrical products key components, can replace imported.

Pipe manufacturing

Machine made

Car manufacturer


High-speed rail

Central air conditioning compressor

About Xiangtan Huajin

Xiangtan Huajin Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd is located in great hometown of Mao Zedong - Shaoshan. High-Tech Industry Development Zone of Shaoshan, Hunan Province , China. Designs and provides innovative top-quality plant solutions that help customers achieve a competitive advantage in their market.With Huajin, you lay the foundations for success in economical, efficient and highly productive manufacture of pipes.
  Huajin’s products mainly serve for the pipe-manufacture industry, provides not only high-quality products, but also good service. First, the company specializes in design and manufacture of pipe production equipment for Submerged-arc longitudinal welded pipe(LSAW)production line, Spiral...

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High-end pipe manufacturing equipment
manufacturing experience

professional team

Plant a total area of 10,000
square meters

9 inventions, 11 utility models <bR />2 appearance designs

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